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small island in Indonesia with art and culture


Is small island in Indonesia with art and culture and freindly people..Bali ready famous in the world with tradition and culture..Bali also famous with thousand temple..if you want traveling let’s you try come to Bali for many you can visit in Bali..also so many activity you can do in Bali, Bali have so many famous beach good for you relaxs like Kuta beach..Nusa dua beach..Seminyak beach..Pandawa beach..padang2 beach..if you want visit best distination like stiil tradisional

you can go to Ubud also so many you can do..Ubud is one village in Bali famous with art..and culture..start from 9:30am you can see Barong dance..and also you can visit like art village.. cooking class..and also in Ubud have best one water rafting and quad bike Ubud also have best distination like monkey forest..rice terrace.. holywater temple.. Saraswati temple.. elephant cave temple..not only in Ubud you can se best distination in Bali.

.in north of Bali also have so many best distination..from Lovina beach we start for take dolphin tour..see start 6:00am go to Lovina beach and start for see dolphin..after that we can go to gitgit water fall..the best water fall in north of Bali.. with natural view and with green jungle..finish from water fall we go to twin you can go to hidden one sport foto with twin lake view..finish we can go to Handra sport foto with background gate of handara..and than we go to ulundanu Beratan here can see one big temple on the lake..this palace very famous in the world..with the big garden with beautiful flower..and very nice atmosfer and cold weather..if you want go around lake you can rent boat for go around the lake..and the last triip we continue go to tanah lot tanah lot very you can see temple on the sea..and also you can see best sunset in Bali..
Not finish until here you still have so many best distination in Bali lake south of south Bali so many you can famous beach in tanjung Benoa you can do like water sport activity..Pandawa beach here you can see beautiful beach with white you can relaxs for anjoy different atmosfer..

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and than also we go like padang2 also you can see beautiful beach..but here famous beach for surfing activity.. after that we go uluawatu temple located on the high beautiful place for you take also have one dance performance..we call Kecak dance..start from 18:00pm..finish from here we go to jimbaran beach maybe you can try diner by seafood rest..not only this part have best east of Bali also have best one distination and now very popular..this place located in east of of this place lempuyan temple( heaven gate)..this temple located near of agung mountain..must more early morning if we start from Kuta, Seminyak,

Legian,nusadua,and Ubud..start from very popular with gate and background agung mountain..after that we go to Tirta Gangga Bali also have best distination like you can do climbing activity in Batur mountain..start from 3:00am in start point’..finish from climbing you can go to hot water spring..located near by start point’ activity you also so many activity you can do in cycling.. trekking..quad bike..water bike.. elephant ride..
I hope with my artickel you can know about my island..hope you can go to Bali for holiday and joint with me for you holiday in Bali..thank

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